Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Recap {7.6.16}

Is it really Wednesday?! I swear, long weekends filled with fun and relaxation just make it so hard for me to get back to reality!

Here's a recap of our last week through the 4th! We've been having so much fun!

We met up with lots of friends last week for a morning at the local splash pad followed by some ice cream

This girl has been putting on her backpack and shoes and telling Avery "I have to go to school now Avery" LOL let's hope she's that excited in a couple of months!

Park time and this little monkey doesn't stop!!

Last week we had a chill day and made some super yummy carrot & zucchini muffins (recipe coming soon!)

The same day we made some magic bottles, which the kids really enjoyed and they were soooo easy!

We went to our neighboring towns library where they had an awesome craft day set up - it was all sports themed which was right up Brayden's alley. The kids made 4 crafts and loved every minute of it

This girl - they had snacks set up over there for when the kids were done but she just kept running over and helping herself

We have this same checkers at home and we've played it once, but at the library? He wanted to play over and over again... figures!

Ella looks thrilled, doesn't she?!  Brayden requested this pic with her :)

Look out, baby Hulk is coming for ya!

Last Friday we hit up our farmers market and the kids were happy they got balloon animals/hats

 Friday night I headed to the city with my family to see Book of Mormon.  My sis and I got tickets for my Mom's birthday.  It was so fun being in the city!

Saturday we ran some errands then went by my brother in law and sister in laws house.  They just got a pool so we went over to swim and eat and had a great time - the only downfall of the day was Brayden getting his first bee sting.  Ouch! Surprisingly, he handled it pretty well for him, there was only about 10 minutes of bloody murder screaming :)

Sunday was a party over at my in laws for the 4th. We got there and put Avery down for her nap which gave the hubs and I a little bit of relaxation time!

At night, we headed back to our house for the hubby and our friends firework show.  They went that morning to get them and although I was against it at first, it ended up being so fun and I think we started a new tradition :)

We stayed up way too late with our friends (also letting the kids stay up waay too late) but I guess it paid off the next day when they slept until almost 9

On Monday, we took the kids to see Finding Dory and relaxed the rest of the day, which was must needed since we stayed up so late the night before.

That's a wrap! Now I need to get my butt in gear for Brayden's parties this Saturday - I'm always a crazy person days before a party, LOL


  1. What a fun weekend, Lizzie! I hear ya on being tired Monday/yesterday. It was a sloooow day for all of us and nothing got accomplished over here. We should've gone to a movie, too! What was I thinking?! Haha!

    I can't wait for that muffin recipe! It sounds so yummy!

  2. You guys have been having a lot of fun lately! I love the baby hulk pic!!!!

  3. What a perfect weekend!! I'm so excited to hear all about Brayden's party! I always love your party recaps!

  4. Oh my. You had the best weekend! I love all the family pictures!