Monday, July 11, 2016

Brayden's 6th Birthday Parties

Happy Monday, Friends! This weekend we celebrated our little guy's 6th birthday with 2 birthday parties! While some might think we're crazy (maybe we are) we pulled them off without a hitch and had the best times.

Saturday was the big day and it started with a kids party at our house from 1-3.  We invited his whole class plus other friends and thank goodness the weather was nice because I don't know where I would put 23 kids in my house #thankyoumothernature

We brought it back old school with a good old fashioned backyard fun and games party.  It was a very stress free party and that is a win in my book!

The only real decorations was the birthday banner I made using my silhouette (seriously love that thing!!), the other burst cut outs and the super hero skyline.

***Warning: this post is picture heavy!!

I made this sign so everyone would know just to come into our backyard once they arrived

We waited until all of the kids showed up, let them run around for a while then had everyone make their own superhero mask.  They were a huge hit!

After the super hero masks were made, we gathered the kids up for the first game.  It was a race across the yard holding a golf ball on a spoon.  We split the kids up into 4 teams and the first team to finish won.  However, I didn't even think to have prizes because 1. it's a birthday party and 2. they were getting goody bags at the end of the party, but jeeez some kids just expect a prize for everything! I was happy that most of the kids were just so happy to play games, even with no prizes LOL


After that game, we kept the kids in 4 groups and did a hop across the yard with a balloon between your legs.  I have to say, it was so funny watching the kids do this! They were having a blast!

Ella was having some trouble so Dad was there to the rescue :) 


After those games, the kids ran around some more, had some snacks and juice boxes then we got ready to sing.

Happy Birthday Brayden!!

After cupcakes, it was pinata time!

I made this pinata by watching this youtube video my SIL sent me, and I have to say I was SO happy with how it turned out! It was so easy and fun, and it only cost me $1! $1 people! Of course then I had to get the candy but I would have had to do that anyway if I had a store bought pinata.

I was hoping all the kids would get a hit and since there were so many, we used a foam bat at first to try and ensure that would happen

Brayden was up first :)

Then Ella


Then we were down to the last kid and I was worried this thing was never going to break and the last kid hit it twice and the bottom split open and all of the candy came pouring out! I swear, you would have thought it was Christmas morning with how excited the kids were! It was awesome!!

Poor Ella couldn't make her way in to get candy.  Another Mom barged in and got her a huge handful though :)

We managed to get a family picture - 1 (in case you were wondering, Avery napped the entire kids party!)

These were the goody bags, I made sure to hand them out to the kids before the pinata so they could use them to put their candy in.  They are just white bags from the $1 store with a thank you label I printed and glued on. Super easy and cute!

don't mind the stained table they are on, LOL

After the pinata the party was over and most parents who dropped off came back and everyone else slowly made their way out.  It was a great time and I'm so happy I convinced the hubby to have a kid party at the house :)

The family party was starting at 4 but we really didn't have anything to do for it since I prepped some apps beforehand and everything was already set up in the backyard. We ordered pizza and wings and I made a salad and it was again, a super easy and relaxed party!

Playing more games with the family

Ella finally figured out how to hop with the balloon in between her legs so she just kept going and going. That girl has so much determination!

The AMAZING cake my aunt made!!

I love this picture of Brayden, he is just the happiest boy staring at his cake!

He got tons of gifts, but his favorite was this wolf bejeweled necklace my father in law got him. They both have this love for "treasure" and all things sparkly and Brayden was over the moon when he saw this!  This picture just cracks me up!!

Later in the night, all the kids wanted to come in and watch a movie and have popcorn.  They actually lasted like this much longer than we thought!

 Most family left by 8/9 but some stayed until almost 11.  The hubs and I were pretty tired when Miss A woke us up a little after 6 yesterday but we had no plans so we just hung around and had a slow morning.  Later we went swimming at my in laws, came home to pick up some more and I ran out with my Mom to some stores.

We had the most perfect day celebrating our boy and I cannot believe on Tuesday he will be 6!

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  1. Okay. You're amazing! All those kids...and all that fun...great job, Mama! Everyone looks like they had the best time ever! I can't believe Avery slept the entire time and oh my gosh, that picture of Brayden with his wolf necklace - awesome! That's got to be the coolest and most bad a** picture I've ever seen of a 6 year old!

    1. You are too kind!! It was so so fun and I'm glad we did back to back parties and only had our house destroyed one day instead of 2, LOL! Hahha that necklace had me cracking up! You should see it in person, it is so sparkly and the eyes are blue jewels, he is OBSESSED!!

  2. That cake looks professionally made! It's so cute! Looks like a fun party!

  3. Love the cake you guys had and congrats on pulling off 2 birthday parties without a hitch!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. That looked like such a fun and simple birthday party! That cake looks absolutely amazing!!

  5. what an awesome party! I love laid back, backyard parties. i might have to do some of those games for Austin's next party, I love the balloon hopping one!!!

  6. Lizzie, I always love your parties and this one might be one of my faves! Your aunt did SUCH a great job on the cake. She is unbelievable!

  7. Happy birthday to your boy. Looks like he had a great one. That cake is awesome.