Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekly Recap {7.18.16}

Boo for the weekend being over! We had such a nice one, I would like to hit the rewind button please.

Before I get to our weekend, I need to recap our week

Monday I swear we were still recovering from Brayden's birthday parties, so we had a low key day. Grocery shopping and hanging at home. 

Brayden trying out his new razor her got

Of course little sister needed a turn (don't worry after this, they put their helmets on)

Tuesday my baby woke up a 6 year old!! Seriously how in the world is that possible!? I love him!

Since it was his day, he picked everything we did.  First stop was a local donut shop

Next up, the carousel room.  I know that pretty soon Brayden won't want to go here so I soaked this time up alot.

Ella making a wish as we were leaving....she couldn't be any sweeter!!


Brayden wrote a letter to his teacher (she gave everyone a self addressed stamped envelope and paper to encourage them to write) and I about died at his letter!

Later at night, Brayden opened a few gifts from us then it was cake time!

Wednesday our butterfly kit showed up that my sisters family got Brayden.  Our caterpillars are already getting so big!

Thursday it was gorgeous so it was a splash pad day. I treated the kids to McDonalds too and they were over the moon.

We came home and put Miss A down for her nap then the bigs and I headed outside for a water gun fight!

Friday I took the kiddos to the library for a fun game called Wheel of Wisdom.  Basically it's a traveling game show for kids and it was so much fun!! Brayden's age group went first and since the girls were too young, they were spinners.  Brayden answered 2 questions correct and I may or may not have been that crazy mom cheering him on :)



 I snapped this pic of Miss A over the weekend and thought when did my baby turn into this little girl!?!

After nap/quiet time on Saturday, we headed out for family time.  First up, mini golfing :)

Ella started pouting at some point and went to sit down and I had to laugh because Avery sat right next to her and gave her a look like "what the heck is wrong with you?"


 We stopped for pizza and the hubs and I enjoyed a cold beer.  Everyone was so behaved we might actually be able to start going out to eat more! After dinner, we headed home for ice cream sundaes and called it a night.  The hubby and I watched Dirty Grandpa and it was just ok in my opinion.

Sunday we had my cousins' twins baptism in the morning then I did some organizing and cleaning while the hubby went golfing.

The girls helped pick some veggies from our garden :)  We ended our night with a family walk/bike ride and now I'm ready to start our week!


  1. Mini golf is always too fun!! Looks like a jam packed week! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. So much fun!! Happy Birthday to your little one Chelsea @

  3. That letter that Brayden wrote to his teacher. So stinkin' sweet! And that look from Avery to Ella! Oh my gosh, so funny! Looks like you guys had a super fun week/weekend!

  4. What a fun celerbation! How sweet is that letter to his teacher!

  5. You guys had a great time weekend! Happy Birthday Brayden!!

  6. that letter!!!!! So sweet. I bet his teacher loves getting mail from her students, if I were a teacher I would do that exact same thing! I'm so glad your little man had a good birthday!!!

  7. I can't wait to start playing mini golf with our little fam!! Jacob is at the point where he could probably play, but Olivia would be a hot mess! Lol. Probably need to wait another year or so! You guys really did have the best week and weekend! I'm wishing for the weekend again, too! Why does Monday have to come so fast??

  8. Fun week! Happy belated birthday to Brayden! I really want to take Mila mini golfing sometime soon. I loved that shot of Ella and Avery - lol.

  9. What a fun weekend! His letter is adorable- cannot believe he's 6!!! I feel like I'm seeing a glimpse into my life in 2 years when I read about your weekend (well- as long as this baby EVER comes out!!). Cheers to the weekend and many more!