Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The ending of an era

Last Friday, November 14th, Heaven gained another angel.  My Grandma Marie passed away peacefully with all her loved ones by her side.  In some ways, it still doesn't feel real to me, like she's not gone.  Maybe it's because before last Friday, we had many scares that "this was it" and she always pulled through.

I am going to miss my Grandma so much.  She was such a fun old lady to be around and always had the best stories.  I admired the strong woman she was very much.  My Grandma always told me who cares if the house is messy, because in the end, it doesn't matter and you are going to wish you didn't put so much time into cleaning, rather spend more time with your family.  She also always told me don't worry about what others think because they aren't thinking about you! I love this advice and will cherish it always.

Today is my Grandmas wake and tomorrow the funeral.  These are going to be some hard couple of days but I know my Grandma is smiling down on all of us and the beautiful family she built.  She lived a long, good life and this week, we will celebrate that.

I love you with all my heart Grandma!

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