Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Avery is 3 Months!

My sweet, sweet Avery Jane, you are now 3 months old and the time keeps going faster and faster. Some days it feels like you've always been with us and others I cannot believe 3 months have already gone by!

You seriously smile all of the time and it makes me so happy to see you so happy! You remind me alot of Brayden because he was the same way.

This month (10/21) you giggled your first little giggle! I was the only one around (so most people don't believe me) - you were laying on your back and I grabbed your fingers to lift you up to a sitting position and once you were sitting, you let out this cute little giggle.  I was so excited to be the one who was there with you when you did this.

You have started eating your hands this month and you just can't get enough! It's so funny to watch you, you'll start with them balled up kind of licking them, then they go in your mouth and you make the funniest faces, as if you're disgusted but you keep doing it.  It makes me chuckle.

You are eating and sleeping like a champ - you don't take very good naps during the day but you are sleeping through the night 10-11 hours so I will not complain!! During the day you eat every 2 hours like clockwork, but again, I will not complain since you are sleeping!!

You love laying on your back with your toys dangling down above you - it makes you so happy and you have started to bat them with your hands. It seems like your most favorite thing to do lately :)

You celebrated your first holiday this month, Halloween!! You were the cutest pumpkin I've ever seen!

You tried out the bumbo chair and you love it ( I knew you would ) - your brother and sister think it's their new toy though and they keep sitting in it - they are so goofy :)

Tummy time is getting better and better, you can lay on your tummy (sometimes) for about 20 minutes with no complaining.  You love to watch your brother and sister play or look at your toys I have dangling from your play mat.

You are wearing all 3 month clothes and will probably be going into 6 month sleepers very soon. 

You're still in size 1 diapers and it doesn't seem like we need to move up just yet.

You're still coo-ing and talking like crazy! I always imitate you and you just love that! Sometimes you let out really loud squeals, it's so cute! One of my favorite things to do with you is hold you in front of a mirror and just make silly faces or smile at you, you seem to like it too :)

Your brother and sister don't pay too much attention to you but when they do it's so sweet o see.  Ella loves giving you hugs and tries to put things in your hands for you to hold.  She is very protective of your pacifiers too :)

Brayden always says good morning to you and goodnight and gives you kisses and hugs.  He thinks you're so adorable

I've got to say baby girl, each month is getting better and better.  You are such a little joy to be around.  You're really only grumpy at night and it's not so bad anymore.  I just tell myself it's just a phase.  I can tell you love me just as much as I love you (which is alot!!) just by looking into your eyes.  I cannot wait to keep watching you grow, even if it's at lightning speed!

I love you so much Avery Jane!

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