Monday, October 27, 2014

weekend recap

This weekend was pretty low key, which was nice since we've been so so busy lately it seems!

Friday night we headed out to a local pizza place for my sister in laws birthday dinner - the cousins were all excited to see eachother and I got to actually eat warm food - it was awesome.

Saturday we headed out to an outdoor mall for some trick or treating fun with the kids and their cousins.

But before we left, I of course had to do a mini photo shoot of these adorable little people!!

I had no clue what Avery would be for Halloween - I didn't really want to buy a costume and she's so little that even the infant costumes were too big. Last minute I remembered I had a pumpkin hat from when Brayden was a baby and that's where the pumpkin idea started from.  I bought an orange onesie and had leftover black patches from last years costumes so I cut those up and ironed them on, and tada, the cutest little pumpkin I ever did see!

Little man was a ninja turtle, Leonardo to be exact and his costume was awesome! I had to order white sweatpants online because they are literally impossible to find in stores. I got the white sweatshirt at Walmart in the little girls section and then dyed them both green using Rit dye. My MIL sewed on his muscles with yellow felt and I bought blue fabric and just cut up the arm/leg bands and eye mask. I also bought him a shell and sword to go with the costume.

Ella was Minnie Mouse and of course wouldn't really sit still for a picture but here they are all together.  Looking at this picture brings such a smile to my face!

The kids had a blast trick or treating and it was good to get more use out of their costumes :)

I can't even handle this cuteness

Later in the day my mom and I ran to Hobby Lobby with the girls and Brayden and the hubs stayed home for guy time.  When we got back I saw them out in back playing in leaves :)

Saturday night we went by my in laws and little miss was loving eating some cheetos and bonding with Papa

Sunday was very relaxing! Started our morning off with a super long walk around the neighborhood then to the park.  Everyone took naps (which is rare because Brayden hasn't been lately) and then we made Halloween cupcakes and the hubs made his worlds famous ribs for dinner.  We went outside to play in the leaves again after dinner then it was bathtime and bedtime.

Mama needed a beer with her cupcake, it's the only way, right!?

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