Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Pumpkin Patching

This year I was lucky enough to take the kiddos twice to the pumpkin patch and this is definitely attributed to being a SAHM, (just another little perk!)

The first one we went to is a pretty popular one in our area and we went on a Saturday with my hubby's family.  This year it got busier than I remember in previous years, and busy = a little annoying to this Mama.  Nonetheless, the kids still had a blast and I had a blast watching the fun on their faces.

We started our morning with fresh doughnuts and coffee and juice boxes :)

Little Miss had no fear with feeding the animals! Meanwhile, Brayden still just throws the carrots at them :)

Brayden and my nieces wanted to go in this haunted house so my BIL was nice enough to take them. I couldn't believe my Brayden actually wanted to go....

I should have known better.  Him and my one niece were so scared coming out!!

Yesterday I took the kids (all 3 by myself!!) to another pumpkin patch with my mommy friend. It was much less crazy and such a nice day.

Please tell me how she is big enough to go on a little ride like this!?

And to ride a pony!!

This is Ella's "cheese!!" face :)

My sweet Avery slept the entire time!

Little buddies

Just love these 2 to pieces!!!

They were wiped, which means it was a good day!

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