Tuesday, October 28, 2014

outings galore!

I need to take a minute to recap all of our fun outings we've been doing since I've been a stay at home Mommy!

This was my first outing alone with all 3 and it was overall successful.  We went to a farm a half hour away and they had tons of little kid attractions, the best being their train, it was awesome

Brayden is always in charge of the map whenever there is one :)

Despite Ellas face, she was having a blast

Another solo trip was to the library -they were so well behaved it makes me think I can do this all the time (key word, *think*)

Brayden loves computers, he is so good with the mouse it truly impresses me!

Ella had no clue but wanted to do what her brother was doing

We checked out some games 

Then headed into one of their craft rooms to do the monthly craft.

And sweet Avery was an angel the entire time!

Next up, the zoo! This time I brought my Mom for reinforcements (and the kids really wanted her to come)

Last year Ella could only enjoy the zoo from the stroller (it was much easier) - this year she was all about walking around with her brother.

Of course we had to stop for ice cream! (and a quick nursing session)

I mean come on, these two just melt my heart! (even if they were trying to get away from us here)

Best attempt at a family pic!

So much fun! We love going to the zoo and plan on getting there a couple more times before the weather gets bad.

Most recently we went to a local farm about 2 minutes from our house with some friends.  It's very small but the kids still had so much fun! They also have hundreds of acres of beautiful nature scenery so we walked some trails too.

I just LOVE doing outings like this (even though at times they can be stressful with a newborn) but it's a big reason why I wanted to stay home.  I love that I can teach my kids about life through everyday stuff.  And going out doesn't have to cost a fortune, it's just about being out and enjoying our time together.

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