Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014 Recap

Oooooohh aren't the holidays just so much better with kids!? Well, they are for me and Easter was no exception.  We've been so busy with our remodel that I didn't even decorate for Easter this year and practically forgot to arrange the baskets the night before.  But when my little man woke up, his eyes lit up when he saw his basket on the table and that's all that matters.

Of course he ransacked the eggs with the money in them first (priorities!) Then he was over the moon excited for his new Buzz pez dispenser.  But I think most of all, his favorite Easter present were the Disney Frozen figurines.  He has been wanting them fooooorrreeever and they have been sold out foooooorrrreeeever, until I randomly called a store over an hour away and they had them.  (I probably shouldn't mention that I called every Disney store, in every state, checking on these things and no one had any) So the 2 hour drive was well worth it when I saw his excitement.

My happy boy!

Ella Bella was still half sleeping while her and the hubs went through her basket -

She only cared about the money as well

Before we were leaving for my in-laws, the kids and I took some selfies in the backyard (I just love both of their "too cool" looks)


My little loves!

Then we headed over to my in laws where we had great food and great company.  The kids got to do a big egg hunt over there and they were all sooooo cute!!


We went for a walk around the neighborhood and I just had to snap a pic of these 3 - they are really becoming such good little friends and I know Brayden just LOVES hanging out with them.

And one more picture I just have to share - my SIL took this of my nieces and my kiddos, OMG I just can't stand the cuteness!!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter as well! 

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