Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A random weekday

A couple of weeks ago we got a taste of some warmer weather, which to us Chicagoans, is low 40's.

After the kids took an hour to eat ate their dinner, we headed out for a walk and decided to stop by the park.  It was still a little wet on the ground from some leftover snow but they didn't care.  Ella was having soooooooo much fun.  This is her first year experiencing the park.  Last summer I just stuck her in the swing or kept her in the stroller the whole time.

And my little girl is a climber, I think she climbed up these stairs 50 times and then I would go down a little slide with her.  She was in heaven.

Ella just loved walking around the park, exploring.  She is at such a fun stage, but also a very tiring one!

These pictures crack me up, she saw her brother on this riding thing so she wanted a turn, but still wanted to eat her cracker, the girl never passes up an opportunity to eat :)

On the way home, big brother wanted to push the stroller so bad, so I let him.  Of course I had to intervene at times because he was pushing her right into a snow bank, but overall he did pretty good :)  He kept saying, "I am a big boy now Mom, I can do this all by myself" Why are they growing so fast?!?!?!?

It was such a nice weeknight with my cuties, I just love being outside with them :)

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