Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brayden's Soccer Class Re-cap

My little man is done with his first round of soccer classes.  He really loves soccer and is pretty good too (when he wants to be)

In the beginning I was a little nervous because this was Brayden’s first activity that didn’t involve a parent, just kids with the coaches.  I knew he would be shy/scared/reserved at first and I just hoped it didn’t last too long.  It took a few classes, but finally he was comfortable enough to get to class, grab a ball and go sit in the circle.  I’m not gonna lie, this pretty much amazed me as we started off these classes with him crying hysterically. I was thankful however, that he wasn’t the only one who did this, there were several other boys who didn’t want their Dads to leave them.  

Usually the hubs would take him to class but occasionally Ella and I went too.  I would be so happy to see how well he was doing and then all of the sudden, something would happen, and he would lose it.  One time, one of the couches told him to start listening and he immediately put his hands over his mouth and started crying, another time the coach asked him to wear a jersey and he just did not want to do it and that would result in him crying, another time his couch put him on a different team than his buddy and he started crying.  I hated to see my little guy like this and part of me really doesn’t understand how these little things can set him off so much, but I try and remember he is only 3!! And this is all new to him. 

Overall, there were definitely more happy moments vs tears and I know my little guy had so much fun in this class.  I know he was so happy to see his little preschool buddy there too.  I love that he had this bonding time with his Daddy and that it definitely has contributed to him coming out of his shell

This was his last class, his Daddy and him got to play together most of the time and I joined in for a little too.

Here are all the kids lined up to receive their medals! I had no idea they were going to give those out and it was really cute...

Except for the fact that Brayden was in a *mood* and he could have cared less when his coach put the medal around his neck #littlestinker

These pictures crack me up - here I am asking him to smile and this is the look he gives me 

Finally after pouting for long enough, he was so excited he got a medal and him and his buddy JohnLuca posed for a picture, of course my little guy couldn't smile so he went with his standard goofy face.  I love this boy!

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