Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mickey Mouse was our savior

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

So last week the stomach flu hit our house – it was a domino effect, starting with Ella, then the hubs, then Brayden and lastly with me.  I think anyone who has kids knows that when they are sick and miserable you will do anything to survive.  Que in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I think my kids watched 100 hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over the week our house was sick.  I know, I’m going for Mother of the Year award over here. #dontjudge

Brayden was such a trooper since he has definitely has many other shows he would prefer to watch, but Little Miss? No, she only has 1 preference and it’s the big mouse.  I don’t even know when it happened because Ella has never really watched TV up until this point, but she is absolutely mesmerized by this show.  It seriously was the only thing that would stop her from crying or being miserable.

To make matters worse, we only have 1 episode DVR’d and there are only a few on demand, so we literally watched the same episodes on repeat the entire time my kids were awake until they went to bed.  I thought I was going to rip my hair out

I’m happy to say the stomach flu has now left and we are on to watching plenty of other shows, but Mickey was definitely our savior last week!

What have you done to survive through a sickness? Please tell me I’m not alone!

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