Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brayden's Preschool Valentine's Day Party

At the last minute I decided I wanted to be a helper for little mans first preschool Valentine’s Day party, the hubs signed me up and I took the day off work.  I was probably a little too excited to be going!

I have only taken him to school once, it was his first day and it was rough.  My gosh how things have changed! He led me right into the hall where he has to go wash his hands every day before going into class, he didn’t need any help!

When the door opened, he walked right in and put his stuff in his cubby and told me to put my stuff there too.  He then went straight to playing.  It was like this kid owned preschool! I was a very proud Mama in these moments.

It was beyond cute to see him interact with all his little school buddies.  They all seem to place really nicely together (for the most part)

After a few minutes of play time it was circle time, Brayden led me right to the circle and I sat behind him.  There were a lot of little kiddos that wanted to sit right next to my little guy, it was so cute to see them fight over it, all while Brayden didn’t even know what was going on. His little classmates were beyond adorable, asking me to play with them, read to them, or just telling me their stories.  One little girl even drew me a picture!

It was so nice to see my little guy interact so much with his classmates and his teachers.  I could tell Brayden felt a little extra special this day because his Mama was there and I am happy he felt that way!

This is V and James - V is the girl that Brayden always talks about, but when we were there he barely paid any attention to her! Typical boy! 

I seriously had the best time helping out and I really look forward to doing it again! 

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