Monday, February 3, 2014

Can I call you 5 years??

        Ha, isn't this great?! As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to write a post on this topic.

I use to love talking on the phone; I could literally talk to my friends for hours and hours.  I loved having endless conversations for endless amounts of time.

I have always been a talker, some would say I have the gift of gab –a Gemini’s finest traitJ I can remember in my early school days getting in trouble for talking too much.  My mom always said “you talk a mile a minute, slow down!” . I just couldn’t zip it.

Then when I got a cell phone at 18 (yes, I was living in pagerland until then) I was even more obsessed with talking on the phone.  Now I could take my love for babbling on the road, yes!! I talked so much on my first cell phone, each month I went over my minutes (back when I had a limited number of those…) I would spend hundreds on my bill.  Even that didn’t stop me from talking!

I remember hating texting, absolutely hating it.  I always thought; if you have something to say, just call me!! Don’t make plans with me over text don’t tell me important things over text, just do not text me! That was my motto for a long time….

Then I had a kid.  I remember in the early months I could still talk on the phone, but now it was really only when I was driving or if I had a few minutes at work I could spare.  Long gone were the days of getting home from work and catching up with my friends on the phone for hours.  I would see my friends calling and have to hit the ignore button, I would follow that up with a text “call you back in a few” which of course, I never did.  Months went by and one day I realized, I NEVER talk to anyone on the phone anymore.  Wow, so crazy to be here from where I once was. 

A big part of giving up my chatting time with my friends is due to the fact that I work full time and am away from my kids all day. How in the world could I justify coming home after a long day, sitting down yapping away? I couldn’t and I wouldn’t.  I told myself that the time I am home with my kids is time I need to spend wisely.  I want to be in the moment, spending quality time with them.

Now my main form of communication is texting, yes, the one thing I use to despise is now my only preference!  Of course I still like to catch up with friends/family when I have the time, but mostly, just send me a text. 

Surprisingly, I don’t even miss talking on the phone. Maybe that’s because with 2 kids, a house to keep up, food to cook, etc, there just isn’t time to think about talking on the phone.  Sure, at night when my kids are tucked away in their beds I could catch up with people, but at that point, you can find me planted on my couch trying to watch a show I DVR’d a week prior. 

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