Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Yellow Brick House has been painted!

So remember when I talked about getting our yellow brick house painted?? Yeah, that was months ago and it has finally been painted and I am finally getting around to posting about it.

This is what we started out with.  A very old brick house, that at some point, was probably a completely different color, but with age, turned yellowish and just looked dirty and dingy.

We've done alot so far to the outside, as I mentioned before, we are doing a complete house reno inside but first wanted to focus on the outside.

Here is how our house looks now.....

It is like night and day!! At least I think so.  I could not be more happy with our white house! At first the hubby thought maybe it was too white, but after a few days his mind changed.  I think going from a dingy yellow to a bright white it such a huge change that some people need time to adjust.  Me? I loved it from the second I saw it.

Now time for the next project....a fireplace remodel!!

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