Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cutting down our Christmas tree - 1st Annual!

I have been telling the hubby for years that once our kid(s) are old enough to understand, I wanted to start a new tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree every year.  He was so not on board with this but I knew we had plenty of time before it would happen, so for the past several years, we have put up our fake tree.

This was the year I knew Brayden would totally love going to cut down our own Christmas tree - and boy was I right! To my surprise, the hubby didn't even put up a fight!

We found this adorable little tree farm only about 20 minutes away, and we were able to bring our pup along too!

When we got there, we were given a saw and a thingy to hold your tree and bring it back once it was cut.  We started off and wandered and wandered for that *perfect* tree - we ended up going to the very end of the lot where I saw it, it was just perfect!

The hubby started cutting and once it was ready to fall over, Brayden came and helped push it down.

Our perfect tree!

Little Miss was not happy about searching for a Christmas tree :(

After we got our tree, we brought it back to the house and the guys took it from there to shake out all of the needles and wrap it up for us.  Meanwhile, we went inside and ordered up some hot chocolate.  The place was small, but oh so cozy and quaint!  I just adored it.  While talking with the lady's at the counter, we discovered this was the last year the man who owned the farm was doing this!! I was instantly crushed, I had fallen in love with this little farm and had already dreamed up in my head the many years we would come here.. Hopefully we can find a place just as cute that's not a million miles away next year...

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