Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap

I think I am going to start re-capping our weekends so I can remember easier when I’m older, LOL.  I already have the worst memory so who knows what it will be like years down the road.  This is a big reason why I take so many pictures, I don’t want to forget anything and I want to be able to look back and remember these memories when my actual memory fails me J

Our weekend was pretty low-key.  The kiddos have been sick for days, just colds, but still that’s enough to make everyone in less than happy moods at times J  Friday night Brayden and I made homemade breadsticks and watched Robin Hood – Most Wanted (one of my all time Disney faves and now is one of his too!) I was practically falling asleep on the couch watching with him around 8:30 so I decided it was time for him to go to bed before I completely passed out and he had full rein of the house, he he.

Saturday the hubs went golfing, left the house before 7am and the kids got up around 7:30, it was an early Saturday for them, usually they sleep until 8, Ella sometimes until 8:30! Brayden spent the morning doing puzzles (this kid is AWESOME at puzzles) and I spent my morning standing and bouncing Little Miss, it was the only way she was happy! And in between sucking the boogers out of both their little noses J In my head I was cursing Daddy out for being gone, ha ha.  Brayden had swimming lessons and I decided to still take him because he was on his way to feeling better and really we have already missed one and there are only 5 classes so I didn’t want to skip another.  He had so much fun! This kid doesn’t care when he is sick, he still goes at 1000 mph.

Sunday Brayden and I went shopping first thing. This kid is so fun to shop with! We went shoe shopping first so I could see what size he will be for summer, he was such a good little boy letting me try on shoe after shoe.  They didn’t have his size in a lot so I ordered online when we got home. Next we went to Walmart where little man was in charge of the list.  Ohhh I wish I had his little voice recorded – “Let me see this list! Where do we find that? What’s next on this list? Ok, let me see this list” This was all he repeated throughout the store and was my entertainment as well as others.

We spent our afternoon trying to do some yard work.  I think it’s safe to say you cannot get much done when you have little kids, at least that’s the case with us.  Who wants to do yard work when you can be looking for treasure or chasing pirates? Or going on the see saw and down the slide 100 times? Not this Mama, that’s for sure! But we had been procrastinating enough and we had to get some stuff done.  We had 2 trees removed about a month ago and there have been 2 piles of shredded stump (free mulch, yay!) sitting in our backyard that needed to be disbursed so we can lay sod over.  Those piles were so deceiving! I think it took 2 hours all together to transfer it all to under our other trees.  Thankfully we had the cutest little helper ever helping us!  Ella enjoyed swinging and we were grateful she stayed in for as long as she so we could get some stuff done. 

I was so happy to capture this moment – All of the sudden I look up and I see Brayden over by Ella asking her what was wrong because she was starting to moan, then he started pushing her and talking to her some more.  I got a little teary eyed watching this as I can start to see them really starting a relationship and it’s just so beautiful. 

We finished off our Sunday by having Grandma Pam and Papa over for dinner, it's so nice living so close to them!! Wish I took some pictures while they were over, next tme :) 

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