Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Command Center

Since moving I have been wanting to have a designated area for our "command center" - a place where we could have a calendar, some letter bins and a cork board.  I loved the idea of this and thought it would help keep our growing family organized.

I LOVE the daily system from Pottery Barn, but I just couldn't justify spending the money, with everything I wanted, it would have been a few hundred dollars.  I knew I could somehow have this for at least half the cost.  While shopping at Hobby Lobby one day, I came across black letter bins that look almost identical to the ones from PB - I knew I wanted my command center to be in white but I figured I could paint them.  They were $44 and on sale for 50% off - so I grabbed 2 - what a deal!

I bought a dry erase calendar from Target for 10$ and the hubby built me a custom wood frame around it to match the bins. 

I had this corkboard my Mom had bought us a year ago and at first hadn't even thought about using it.  When I realized I just had to paint the wood white, I had all of the items I wanted for our command center.

I primed and painted everything, the bins, the wood frame and the cork board then painted them all white.  

Even the hubby is enjoying our "command center" and I'm so happy my vision has finally come to life! Right now it's on our white wall but we plan on painting our walls next year so I know it will look even better once we do that.

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