Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Sandbox

I had been scouring Pinterest to get some sandbox ideas and out of everything I saw, liked this one the best. I showed the hubs and asked if he could make it, he said yes, probably thinking in a month or two, but he should have known better, I wanted it like the next weekend.  :)

We didn't follow the tutorial from the pin, but did use the look as a guideline to how we wanted ours.  We decided on a 5' x 5' sandbox and the hubs went to the store and picked up all of the wood/screws/etc that he would need.  

The hubs and his little helper got started! Do you see Brayden with his measuring tape? Ahhh this little boy is so cute and he was beyond excited to be getting a sandbox!

Once he dug out the 5' x 5' section I thought it wasn't big enough, I wanted it just a tad bigger, but only if it was that easy! He had already bought the wood and the pieces he bought were 10' long so cutting those in half would not get us to the new size of 6' x 6'.  Yep, he had to return all of the wood he bought and get all new wood - he was a good sport about it but it definitely set him back a while, I'll know better for next time :)

He came back with the new wood and started building the frame...

He then added some support off the sides to give extra support for the seating

Brayden checking the status

Next came on the seating

Daddy's little helper had to take a popsicle break - it's hard work asking when the sandbox will be ready 1000 times :)

Next up came the posts....

Almost ready for some sand...

Little man couldn't wait, he had to get in there!

He is never going to come inside again....

Here's a final look at our new sandbox.  Love it so much!!! The hubby did an AMAZING job, he is so talented and I am so proud of his work.  Our kiddos are so lucky to have such a good Daddy, and even though they don't realize it yet, one day they will appreciate the things he does for them, at least, I hope :)

**** Updated 6.26.13 *****

My hubby gave me a list of materials and sizes he used:

Base - 2" x 10" x 6' (4 pcs)
Supports - 2" x 3" x 2' (8 pcs)
Seating - 2" x 8" x 6'10.5"
Uprights - 2" x 3" x 5'8"
Uprights support (wood around top of uprights) - 2" x 3" x 8' lumber (cut to fit)
Canopy supports - 2" x 3" x 8' lumber (cut to desired overhang)

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