Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brayden's Nice Bowl

So my little man has become quite the little helper! Out of nowhere he started taking the bottles once Ella was done and putting them in the sink, he picks up dirty (pee) diapers and throws them away, when he is done drinking out of his cup, he places it in the sink.  I love that he just picked up on these things on his own by watching us. 

I decided it was time to start a “nice” bowl – I have seen some on Pinterest and wanted to make one specifically for my little guy.  I went to the dollar store and bought a glass bowl and a couple bags of those glass rocks (we call them marbles at home).  Then to decorate it we went to Hobby Lobby and I let Brayden pick out the stickers to decorate it and I bought some letter stickers to put a cute little rhyme on the bowl.

My plans is to let him add 1 marble each time he does a nice deed and once he reaches 20 we will reward him with a special treat – something small such as a trip to McDonalds, a little toy, a new movie, a yummy treat, all things that I know will make him very happy!

I must say the bowl is quite a hit and I love rewarding my little guy for his good deeds.  He continues to amaze me and I am so proud to be his Mama!

I actually thought of this rhyme all by myself!

I just love the stickers he picked out!

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