Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brayden - 32 Months

My little man, I cannot believe you will be turning 3 in just a few short months.  I can literally see you changing and growing into a little person before my very eyes every single day.  It makes me so sad and so happy at the same time.  I recently held you like a baby and rocked you and couldn’t contain my tears, I look at how small Ella is and then how big you were in my arms and can’t understand why time has to go so fast. I do enjoy every day with you and try not taking any of our time together for granted, yet still, time seems to slip away so quickly.  You will understand this one day – it took me until having you to realize how much I want more time.  

You have the biggest imagination and I love that you continue to use it daily.  When we are outside playing on the swingset you tell me the pirates are coming and we need to hide before they take our treasure.  Other times the dinosaurs are coming and we need to hide from them.  I love playing along with the story lines you create. 

You love arts and crafts and are so creative.  You always say, “I want to make a craft” and so we do, usually on the weekends.  You take after mommy in this sense but also Daddy because Daddy is very creative and one of the best drawers I know – I wonder if that will come out through you.

You LOVE your little sister so much.  You always give her kisses and tell her “I love you baby Ella” and if she is crying, you will say “Oh no, baby Ella is crying”  Or “she is so cute!” Sometimes you just look at her go “Awwww”  You are so thoughtful and that makes me so happy.

You love music and love to dance – when we get in the car you practically demand I turn the radio on and up then proceed to say “dance Mommy, dance!” and so I do my best dancing that I can while driving and take quick peeks back at your moves.  It’s a little hard to dance in a car seat, but you manage to shake your arms and hands around and move your head up and down, back and forth - I would say you are the best car seat dancer I’ve ever seen!! At home  you love me to put music on YouTube and we dance around the family room – if Daddy is home you ask him to dance with us and that just makes Mommy laugh oh so hard, most of the time he is a good sport and joins in with us – I just love our dance parties!!

You continue to love to read books – I love this about you.  We use to read one book before bed but now we are up to 2 or sometimes 3 and now we are reading actual books – most of my own Disney books that Grandma Deb kept.  Sometimes we spend 30 minutes reading before bed – it’s hard to say no to you when you want to read another book, although you are probably only manipulating me to stay up longer – it’s Ok though, because I know you are only going to be this little once and I will enjoy anytime you want to spend with me!

You are finally into sitting and watching movies – mostly the old Disney Classics that I loved as a child.  Right now we are on a Little Mermaid kick, but before this it was all 3 Toy Stories, you wanted to watch them every single day.  In the morning on the weekends I would come get you from your room and your first words would be “I want to watch Toy Story please!!”

You are becoming quite the little helper around the house! When you see an empty bottle from Ella you take it and put it in the sink.  You also take your empty cups or plates when you are finished and place them in the sink.  If there is a dirty diaper of Ella’s, you will grab it and put it in the garbage.  You do all of this without anyone asking you to – it is simply amazing.

You are so incredibly thoughtful – this makes your Mama so happy. You are always willing to share (for the time being that is). You say the cutest things out of nowhere, if you know I am sad, you said “Oh no, Mommy sad, give me big hug” and instantly that makes me feel better. You will tell Ella she is “so cute” or “so beautiful”.  You have the best manners I have ever seen in a 2 yr old, always saying Please, Thank You, You’re Welcome. I believe being thoughtful is a very important quality to have and the fact that you have this so young is truly amazing.  My wish is that this continues with you throughout your entire life. 

You make me and Daddy so proud to be your parents and we are so lucky you are our son. 

I just love this one!!

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