Monday, March 11, 2013

A Well Deserved Trip to the Zoo!

Soooooo Brayden has been potty trained now for a little over a month - Go Brayden! But as I mentioned in the potty training post here we were still having some issues with going number 2 in the potty.  I asked Brayden originally what he wanted once he went number 2 on the potty and he said he wanted to go to the zoo - He LOVES the zoo - so we have been telling him for over a month, as soon as he goes on the potty, we will take him.  Well the days turned into weeks and I just thought oh well, he'll get it one day, but in the meantime, I really wanted to go to the zoo too, so we scheduled a family zoo trip for Saturday March 9th. 

On Friday March 8th, Brayden and I were having dinner and I noticed he was getting a little ancy at the table, so I asked if he had to go to the bathroom, he said no in a scared voice so I knew that meant yes. We went into the bathroom, he sat on his little potty and I told him tonight was the night he was going to go on the potty - he was definitely a little scared and kept standing up but I would gently push him back on to his potty.  I just told him to relax and push and he would feel so much better once he was done.  30 minutes later, he did it!! He was so happy and proud of himself, as was I! I couldn't believe it happened honestly, but I was beyond thrilled! We then proceeded to have an ice cream party as I bribed promised him throughout the ordeal. 

I thought it was so crazy he actually went to the potty the night before we had plans to go to the zoo, this was the goal the whole time and I gave up thinking it wouldn't happen, and then he went and suprised me and did it - My little boy is amazing.

So off to the zoo we went the next day

Ellas first trip to the zoo!

The little stinker doesn't want to take pictures with Mama anymore - isn't this a little too soon to be happening?!

I think it's safe to say Brayden had a great time - the next morning he woke up and said - "Go to the zoo, please please please please!!!" This kid is just too cute!!

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