Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekly Recap {6.4.18}

Hey hey friends! It's been a while again since I've blogged (totally unintentional, just life being busy!) Anyway, today I'm back to recap our week & weekend and then go enjoy the day with my little crew!

The girls and I hit the local splash pad Tuesday and of course had some ice cream! They love this place so much

We took a couple bike rides and Ella is really pushing herself with how far we go and I love seeing that!

We had swimming lessons and then shenanigans afterwards in the family locker room

Brayden had his last day of 2nd Grade on Thursday! HOW IN THE WORLD do I have a 3rd grader??!?!

We picked him up from school on his last day vs. him taking the bus then we headed out for more splash pad + ice cream to celebrate the start of summer!! 

Thursday night was a baseball game and Brayden had the play of the season! Caught a pop up in center field (which he had to run to get) then threw the guy out at 1st! His very first double play (and anyones on the team) and it was so amazing that I actually saw it!! Usually I'm busy watching the girls, taking them to the bathroom every 5 minutes, chatting with the Moms that I only see a little of the game, so to see this was AWESOME!! 

Friday morning we picked up my Mom and took the kids to get donuts which they were thrilled about! Then we headed to Toys R Us since we have no idea when it will actually close and I wanted them all to pick out 1 thing to celebrate the kick start of summer

this unfortunately was out of the budget, even with the discount šŸ˜‚

Friday night the boys had baseball practice and the girls and I relaxed - Saturday was another baseball game then Rick and I went out to celebrate my birthday

We had so much fun and it was nice to get out just the 2 of us!

Sunday was another baseball game then I had my nieces recital, it was a long day but all fun stuff!

And now I'm ready for bed at 9pm on Sunday! Tomorrow (well today if you're reading this) is my birthday and we'll just have a yummy family dinner then the kids have swimming lessons. I told Rick one of my presents was to have the night of from taking them šŸ˜œ

Oh, and does anyone know if the whole blogger comment issue has been fixed?! Ugh that is annoying!

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  1. SO many changes in blogger land with all the new regulations, I literally cannot keep up :)! Looks like a great kickoff to summer, water and ice cream are always a great way to celebrate :)! xoxo ERIN

  2. Happy Birthday!! Looks like a great start to Summer. So exciting that you got to see his double play!!

  3. Nope, Blogger says this week it’ll be fixed but so frustrating, I keep having to check my blog for comments and I forget who I responded to, lol. Soooo much to love here, I adore the family Reds photo and the kids with their doughnuts. You looked so cute on date night and Handsome boy’s 2028 tee, too cool. Oh mama it goes so fast!

  4. Another fun week! I can't wait to take our kids to the splash pad! Ours was delayed opening because of some sort of issue, but it's finally fixed and it's opening today! We will probably wait a little while before going becuase I'm sure it'll be packed!

  5. I love your present :) What a fun week. That locker picture is too cute. Can you believe my little teeny tiny town doesn't have a splash kids would love that!

  6. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Lizzie!!!! I hope you have the BEST DAY EVER! Oh and girl, I've been terrible at blogging and reading blogs for the last month/month and a half. Life got waaaaay too nuts over here, but today's the first day of summer vay-cay for us and I'm determined to start up all things blogging again!!!! Anyway - how AWESOME about Brayden's play! I can't believe he's going to be in third grade either and I've never met him! That's crazy! It looks like your splash pad is a blast! I'm sure the kids just love it! Have a nice day and again, Happy Birthday!!!!! :) :) :) XO

  7. Happy Birthday! Congrats on Brayden's double play!

  8. So fun that you guys took the kids to Toys R Us! glad you guys were able to celebrate your birthday just the two of you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston