Tuesday, November 17, 2020

coronavirus life update

well, here we are - 8 months into this global pandemic and even as I type that it almost doesn't seem real. numerous times I have woken up and thought, is this all some crazy dream?! but sadly, it's not. some days I think "this isn't so bad, we can do this" and other days I'm all like "OMG we are not going to make it" the roller coaster of emotions is so real.

Throw in v-learning with 3 elementary school kids and most days I feel like I'm drowning. I know this won't last forever, but sometimes, it actually seems like it will.

Anyway, we've been finding other things to do to keep busy!

Lots and lots of bike rides

We put a ninja course in the backyard and the kids are having a blast with it!

We got a new patio installed and have had many nights roasting marshmallows with our new fire table

We also put a huge slab of concrete in the back of yard for a basketball court and a spot to ride scooters/bikes - the kids are loving this!

We had our pool this summer which was awesome! lots and lots of swim dates!

We've gone on a couple getaways which I will document separately but they were so good for our souls!

We celebrated a few holidays on a much smaller scale (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day & Halloween) and look forward to Thanksgiving & Christmas

We went strawberry & apple picking

We celebrated all 3 kids birthdays and were able to still have small parties for each!

The kids have been involved in activities which has saved their sanity as well

We have a weekly park date with school friends and the kids literally look forward to this all week. We joke that we will soon be showing up in our parkas and snow pants!

I really can't believe we've made it this far but in a weird way, it's getting easier the longer it goes on. Plus with the new talks of the vaccine hopefully coming soon, it really helps me see a light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel.  Now, if only my kids could actually go to school, I think that is the worst part of this.


  1. I was so excited to see a post in my feed from you today! It sounds like y'all are trying to make the most of this weird situation, and I'm glad to hear y'all are hanging in there. Hopefully things will start to look up soon since there are two vaccines on the horizon!

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