Monday, February 10, 2020

Weekend Recap 2.10.20

Oh hey there Monday! You came too fast! Last week we were battling some sickness (myself & Avery) so not much got done around here, but that's ok. I was mainly just so happy Avery felt better in time to go to the Daddy Daughter Dance Friday night!

Unfortunately some of our friends who they go with every year were sick, so it wasn't the same :( nonetheless, my girls were SO excited to get dressed up and go out with their Daddy!

Avery wanted a dress that sparkled and twirled when she spun around and Ella wanted to design her own shirt to wear! I love how different they are!

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When they got home, they were wiped out! Rick said they had so much fun, and that makes me so happy to hear!!

While they were out having fun, I took Brayden on a Mom/Son date night to Dave & Busters. We both love arcade games so we had a blast!! We won so many bonuses and went home with way too much crap, but the memories we made were worth it!!

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Saturday was a slow morning, then Ella had rehearsal for the musical she is in, both her and Brayden had a basketball game, then all 3 kids had playdates with friends in the afternoon.

The 5 of us went out to dinner which was really nice (everyone behaved, woohoo!) then it was home for a movie - have you seen Playing with Fire?! such a cute, funny one!!

Yesterday was my nieces baptism but Ella woke up with a headache and a slight fever so we decided to stay back while Rick and the other kiddos went.  I was sad to miss!

This is a short week for the kids, they have half day Thursday and no school Friday, throw in Valentines parties in there and it's going to be a good one!


  1. I love that Ella wanted to design her own shirt! What a crafty little lady. You got some sweet pictures!

  2. I haven't seen Playing with Fire. I will have to check it out. I love the dresses the girls wore and then gave kisses to their dad. So sweet. He will always remember that. I hope everyone starts to feel better in your household!

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