Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Happy 6th Birthday Ella Bella!!

**originally meant for September 5th

My Dear Ella,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Today you are SIX!! More than 1 whole hand!! You are growing at warped speed it seems and I feel like just yesterday you were turning 2 and we were having a Minnie Mouse birthday.

Time is flying but we are having so much fun. I absolutely love watching you grow into your own person.  You are an amazing little girl who loves hard, is so caring & thoughtful and I couldn't be more proud of you!

You are an AMAZING little artist. I have said it before but you get that from your Dad. Mama is only good for stick figures but you, you can draw just about anything you put your mind to! It's so cool to see! At night after we read to you and tuck you in tight, we can find you 5 minutes later with a sketchpad in your bed doodling.  Just recently I bought you a light for your nightstand and you would have thought you won the lottery with how happy you were!

Which brings me to that; you are the kid who is so happy & excited for things! When it's getting close to a holiday, birthday, school, vacation, anything like that you count down and every day exclaim how excited you are for the day to almost be here. You truly are grateful for the little and big things in life and I sincerely hope and pray you are always that way.

You are such a good big and little sister.  You know exactly how to take care of Avery or you are always willing to lend a hand and show her how to do something. You are very good about including her but then there are times you want your own space and I totally get that. You do very well with balancing it.  Your bond with Brayden continues to grow stronger as you get older. I can see you two connecting on another level now and it's very sweet to see. He will work with you on reading, play games with you, and when I see things like that it melts my heart.

You started Kindergarten a week ago and you are rocking it!! You love it so much and that makes it a little easier to let you go every day (although I miss you sooooo much!!)  You are reading level 1 books mostly on your own and know hundreds of sight words.

You are playing t-ball and actually really loving it despite not really wanting to try. You have your 2 friends on your team so I'm sure that helps :) Either way, it's very cool to see you be part of a team sport!!

You are still really into Minnie Mouse and I love that, but about a few months ago you became OBSESSED with Peppa Pig. I don't know how it happened because I don't remember introducing that show to you so you must have found it on your own. Anything and everything has to be Peppa these days and while I thought it was a phase that wouldn't last through summer, it's looking like it will go well into the holidays! There was even a time you spoke British and were calling Avery, George (who is Peppa's little brother in the show) You even want to be Peppa Pig for Halloween!

Ella, I know 6 is going to be a great year for you and I cannot wait to be right by side watching you grow!

I love you, Happy Birthday!!!


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  1. What a beautiful 6 year old you have there mama! looks like you!

  2. Happy Birthday Ella! It sounds like she is off to a great start at kindergarten. What a cute six year old!

  3. Happy sixth birthday, Ella! I hope you have the most incredible day!!

  4. Happy 6th birthday, Ella! I hope she had a great day! She sounds like such a sweetheart. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  5. Sweet little babe. I can't believe that she is six. I remember when you were pregnant with her! Time surely flies. I hope she enjoyed her day.