Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites {10.21.16}

Happy Friday Friends!! 

This week I've been riding the struggle bus because of the Cubs - but it's so been worth it! I'm writing this as we're watching game 5 and right now we're up 1-0 and I'm hoping the Cubbies can pull this off!!

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I posted this on IG yesterday, but I have to share again! I am in love with my new shirt!! I worked with Doodle Duds Boutique and Julie, the shop owner, was so so nice and accomodating! I had a vision of what I was looking for and she made it come to life! 


Earlier this week I shared a tutorial on how to create your own holiday cards, if you're interested you can find it here :)


OMG I saw this the other day and it is so me - who's with me?!


I mentioned that I've already started shopping for Christmas presents, and if you are in the market for toys, Kohls is having a great deal right now. You get $10 off for every $50 you spend in toys with code TOY10, and if you have the Kohls card you can use code PUMPKIN30 for 30% off and then code SHIP4FREE for free shipping.  I ended up scoring quite a few things at great prices with all of these combined.

Target is also having $10 off $50 spent in toys or $25 off $100 with code TOYS

And don't forget to shop through Ebates first to get free money back for your purchases!!


This weekend I want to do some baking and these look soooo yummy!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins - hands down one of my favorite muffins ever!

Have a great weekend, see you Monday :)

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Confessions {10.20.16}

How is already Thursday? I know I get sad when the weekends are over so quick, but I equally don't like when the weeks fly - before we know it, it will be Christmas (which I've already started shopping for by the way)

Today I'm sharing some confessions, enjoy!

I confess....

It is so hard letting go. Brayden came home this week with a permission slip for his first 1st grade field trip - basically his first official field trip. Last year they only went on one and it was to a local farm that is literally down the street. Well this one is for the Lincoln Park Zoo which is in the freaking city, about 40 minutes away. While I know to some this may not sound like a big deal, but for me to put my kid on a bus last year (which drives him 1/2 a mile to school) was hard enough, now I have to put my trust into a bus driver I don't know to take good care of driving my son to and from the city. Ugh, it just makes my stomach turn. 

I told myself I would stop snacking at night and that happened for like 2 nights... and I wonder why I can't lose weight.

We have 2 weddings coming up and while I have plenty of dresses I could wear, I want a new one, at least for one. And I'm going to get one. Shhh don't tell the hubs.

I'm hoping my mom will want to watch her adorable granddaughters next week so I can go look for said dress.

That I may have turned into a crazy person this week trying to find one of those damn hatchimals! Have you heard of them? Those little birds/bears/dragons/ that hatch from an egg and then you take care of from baby - toddler - adult? Kind of like a furby. Anyway, Ella has been saying this is number 1 on her Christmas list (aside from a skateboard, silly girl) but I thought I could wait on it. Well Target and Walmart and Amazon are the only places I know that have them and the certain one she wants is on Amazon for double the price and sold out everywhere else, or so I thought. I literally called every single Target within a 1-2 hour radius (yes, I was even considering driving to WI to get it) but thankfully a Target only 20 minutes away has one! I'm going today to pick it up and I swear if it's not there, I'll cry. The crazy things us parents do for our kids! But I heard this was going to be the "it" toy of the year and I don't want to be hunting this thing down in December.

Brayden came home from school the other day telling me his entire table was making fun of him at lunch. Calling him names over and over. It literally broke my heart and I secretly wanted to go find those kids and flick them (and that's putting it nicely)

These Cubs championship games are killing my sleep schedule! I LOVE where they are and watching is so fun, but I'm definitley drinking more coffee than ever lately.

Hope your Thursday is great, see you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Design Your Own Holiday Card {tutorial}

I've seen so many bloggers talking about holiday cards lately and it put me in the mood to start on ours! While I wish I could say this would be a sponsor post with Minted or Shutterfly, it is not (but seriously, how can I make that happen because I'm super jealous of all of you)

Anyway, last year I designed our card (for free) myself using PicMonkey and didn't document the process, so I thought I would this year. PicMonkey has tons of options to choose from for free, and they have even cooler stuff if you become a Royale member, but this Mama is all about free, so that's the route I take when I use their site.

Here is last years card (I loved how it turned out!)

Ok, so first thing I do when I'm getting ready to make our card is browse other websites to get ideas. Once I see something I like and that can be closely replicated, I then go to PicMonkey and get started.

Here is the picture I chose for this years Christmas card

Step 1. Once you log onto to PicMonkey, hover your curser over the top of the page and options will drop down.  Click on Design.

Step 2. Click Open and chose your image you are going to design

Step 3. Your image will now be to the right and you need to choose the Tt on the left hand side to get to the text options.

Step 4.  Start messing around with different fonts and choose what you like best. You can customize the color and size as well. Just click add text and a box will appear on your image. You can drag it anywhere on the design.

Step 5.  Click on the butterfly logo to the left - that is where you find the overlays, aka the objects you can use to enhance your design. Choose whatever one works for you!

As you can see, I clicked on one of the stars and just added a bunch to my design.

My idea was to make them look like snowflakes so I changed them to white and made them smaller.

I chose to scatter the snowflakes on each side of my card to look like falling snow

Step 6. Once you are done adding overlays to your design, it is time to go back to the text (Tt) and choose your font for your signature. You can do this at the same time as you are writing your holiday message, but I like to do it at the end.

And that's it, you are done.  I chose to go a more simple route this year and love it!

Now you can upload to anywhere and have them printed.  I usually choose Costco or Vistaprint because they are the most inexpensive for good quality. I also always choose just to buy the cards, not the envelopes because I can go to Michaels and get 50 for a good price while using a coupon of course!

Here's a tip if you do use Vistaprint - upload your image and have it printed on a postcard in your choice of size, it is a fraction of the cost vs. using an invitiation or holiday card template.

I would love to know if anyone uses this method to create their holiday cards!

Oh and if you like this post, you can hover over the below image and pin it directly to Pinterest to save for when you need it! (and it would be much appreciated!)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Carving 2016

I've mentioned it before, but Halloween with kids is just that much better. I was never a big fan of it in my adult life, then my kiddos came along and I'm obsessed.

One of my very favorite Fall traditions is carving pumpkins. The bigger kids are actually at an age where they can do alot of carving, which makes it more fun for them.

Get ready for picture overload (side note, I'm so bummed I didn't bust out my good camera!)

We usually set up the table on our driveway but this morning was a little chilly so we went where the sun was

Rick is so good at drawing so we all just come up with what we want and he free hands it for us.

Brayden picked the Green Latern logo and he really enjoyed carving! None of my kids would stick their hands inside the pumpkin though, so my job was to get them cleaned out and all ready

For Avery we picked a kitty and girlfriend was loving helping carve

Ella picked a witch for hers and it turned out so good! This girl really loved carving. After she was done with hers she turned it around and just started carving on the back. She actually made a face and suprised us all!

She is so concentrated!

If you follow me on IG you already saw these, but here they are again! 

We only got to enjoy them for 1 night however, because the squirrels literally attacked them and ate them to shreds! (so happy I snapped this pic!) This happened last year but this year I read so many ways to keep them away... I sprayed the pumpkins with WD40 and that didn't stop them, then I used about an entire can of hairspray and that didn't stop them either, like what the heck!? If anyone knows a way to really keep them away, I sure would appreciate it! I had one extremely boy in the morning when he saw his pumpkin was destroyed.  We promised we would get another one to catrve so I need to know what to do next!

Do you like to carve pumpkins or paint them?

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekly Recap {10.17.16}

I am so not ready for the week to be here - this weekend really went by way too fast, but then again, don't they all?!

We had a pretty fun week - here's what we were up to

Monday we went on a playdate with a friend and her two girls. I love hanging out with them because her girls are my girls age and her youngest is actually named Avery too and was also born on the same day/year as my Avery!

Miss A enjoyed another week of gymnasatics! And thankfully there were no injuries this time.

Ella and I had lots of playtime while Avery napped - she is so cute!

this is a little person Ella made for me with her play doh, I just loved it!

Our morning walks were so nice with the crisp air - it was definitley feeling like Fall

 Going to pick up Ella at preschool and this cutie fell asleep and stayed asleep even after taking her out of the car. I really enjoyed the snuggles but secrectly kept wanting her to wake up so she wouldn't throw off her nap (which she did)

After school, we've been hitting the park to take advantage of the gorgeous weather! Ella loves the park at her school.

Brayden came home with his school pictures and my heart literally melted!! He is so handsome I cannot take it!

And Thursday night our little man lost his 2nd tooth! Rick helped pull it out because it was so ready. His other tooth was already growing in behind it!

Friday the girls and I met my SIL, nephew and niece at another towns library. This library is so amazing, it's more like a mini children's museum! There is even a slide in it! The kids all had a blast.


Saturday morning was dance class for Ella then straight to Brayden's soccer game. I was freezing and thankfully Rick brought Brayden's hoodie which came in handy :) I had to laugh because my hubby said it looked like something I would actually wear #umno

There's Brayden at goalie!!

Shenanagans with the dog - he looks thrilled, doesn't he?!

Since we didn't have plans Saturday, I decided to take Brayden to the movies last minute. His sisters were sleeping and he was so bored. We saw Petes Dragon since it was out at the discounted theater and it was so good! I love having dates with my little guy!


Saturday night my friend came over after her kids and my kids went to bed (Rick actually went to her house to hang with her hubby too) We drank some wine and watched our Cubbies win!! It was such an exciting game!!

 Sunday we had a friends sons 1st birthday and when we got home Ella said she wanted to try her bike without training wheels. I swear, this girl has no fear!  She was nervous though and if she wants to keep trying we will, but I was proud of her nonetheless!  Brayden was sitting on our driveway rooting her on, it was so sweet!


I'm writing this Sunday night and we are just about to start watching the Cubs game so hopefully I will wake up to good news in the morning since I probably won't be able to stay up!

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